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I-601, I-601A, and I-212 Waivers

I-601, I-601A, and I-212 Waivers

The USCIS offers numerous waivers for multiple categories of immigrants as well as non-immigrants. The government grants these against violations that would otherwise make you inadmissible in the U.S. The various grounds of inadmissibility include health-related reasons, criminal convictions, civil penalty, and previous unlawful presence. Thus, each waiver has its purpose, and our attorneys can help you navigate the scenario successfully.

The I-601 waiver is essentially an application to return.

It is valid for immigrant (K or V) visa holders outside The States who have attended their interview and were found inadmissible.

A foreign national who can prove that their U.S. citizen or LPR spouse, parent, or kid would suffer if they aren’t allowed to remain or return to The States can be eligible to apply for the I-601 waiver.

It works to waive off the “unlawful presence” grounds of inadmissibility, which is a period beyond the authorized stay for the foreign national in the country.

In essence, the I-601A is a provisional unlawful presence waiver.

It is a provisional waiver allowing the child, adult children, or spouse of the U.S. citizen or LPR (with immigrant visa) spouse or parent to be eligible for staying in The States beyond the expiry of their authorized stay provided they can demonstrate that the separation can cause extreme hardship.

Approving the waiver before departing the country allows you to go abroad for the immigrant visa process at the U.S. Consulate or Embassy and re-enter safely.

Essentially, the I-212 waiver seeks to apply to return to the U.S after removal/deportation.

This waiver permits the foreign national to be eligible for early readmission after being removed previously and then staying outside the country for a specific period.

The process can be complicated, and cases do get denied. However, if approved, you can reschedule your interview abroad and obtain your visa.

You can file for a waiver either at the consular office or at the port of entry. At the U.S. consulate abroad, an officer will review the application, investigate the inadmissibility reasons, and request supporting documents. Accordingly, they will offer the waiver issuance while submitting the admissibility report for the final decision at the review office.

If you are a visa-exempt national, you must apply for the waiver package with your citizenship evidence, form I-192, form G-325A, U.S. fingerprint card, and a copy of the official court record (if any). If you decide to partner with an attorney at our law office, we will strive to make your case as powerful and persuasive as possible. Our services are tailored to your unique situation for maximizing approvals without wasting your precious time.

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Filing an I-601, I-601A, and I-212 waiver can be tedious and require the expertise of a qualified immigration attorney. At Daniel Albert Law Firm, we have 15+ years of experience preparing waivers and striving for favorable results. For better assistance, call us at 832-930-3059 and schedule a consultation. You can also write to us at info@danielalbertlaw.com, and we will get back to you with the right immigration solutions.

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