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Industrial Accidents

Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents are inherently perilous and cause significant damage to life and property. We understand that being involved in a mishap can be very unfortunate. Therefore, a highly knowledgeable Industrial Accident Attorney can help you navigate the complexities.

The associated rules and regulations are very closely connected to Worker’s Compensation Law. However, it can overlap with other practice areas such as Personal Injury and Wrongful Death in some instances. Worker’s Compensation Law remunerates the workers injured on the job. With the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act in the 1970s, the focus came on preventing these injuries and on studying occupational hazards and their long-term impact. Widespread industrial safety programs came into existence, becoming a necessary consideration for all types of businesses.

Daniel Albert Law Firm considers the individual situation of the workers who have been injured in industrial accidents and tries to investigate the leading causes of that situation. Our experts help assess the damage incurred and ensure that justified compensation is granted in cases of negligence or other lapses. Also, justified punishment is meted out to the perpetrators of the actions described above.

Most industrial injuries fall into three categories. The most common type among them is repetitive injuries resulting from ergonomic hazards and caused by stress due to repetitive tasks performed over a long period and cases of improper lifting. Chemical hazards and physical hazards characterize the two other categories.

Working in a manufacturing plant, a warehouse, on a loading dock, and in other industry settings frequently exposes workers to heavy equipment, tools, and machinery that can cause significant personal injuries if mishandled. Workplace and industrial accidents involving another party’s negligence – from an architect or consulting engineer’s flawed design to malfunctioning, defective products – present the possibility of taking legal actions vital for injured workers. They need to understand all of their legal options to protect their rights and financial stability. Our attorneys are well prepared to aggressively pursue damages in personal injury claims against negligent parties across the spectrum of industrial accidents, including:

  • Marine and railroad worker accidents
  • Accidents involving defective tools, equipment, and machinery
  • Roof and structural collapses
  • Loading dock accidents
  • Injuries suffered in fires and explosions
  • Construction site accidents
  • Warehouse accidents

Compensation for the majority of industrial injuries is obtained through the filing of the worker’s compensation claims. However, in situations where there are proven claims of neglect and blatant legal violations committed by the employer, the injured worker may seek damages through a personal injury lawsuit instead. In case of substantial breaches resulting in the worker’s death, the worker’s family might have a chance to file suit for wrongful death. In this area of law, deciding if a worker may file for damages rather than pursue a worker’s compensation claim can be sketchy. It is helpful if you seek the counsel of an experienced Workplace Injury Lawyer or Worker’s Compensation Lawyer.

Industrial Accidents -Are They Unfortunate?

In a certain sense, it would be wrong to state that industrial accidents are unfortunate because apart from the element of chance acting pervasively to cause a disaster, most industrial accidents are caused by design. They could be by the design of the engineer, the manufacturer, or the technician who repairs the machine, and it is our job at Daniel Albert Law Firm to probe the cause of the accident and hold the culprits liable. We are firm in our stance.

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