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Modification of Court Order

Modification of Court Order

There are a variety of reasons why someone would want their existing court order modified. Your schedule as a parent may have changed, and that it no longer adheres to your pre-existing visitation agreement. Or maybe that you have lost your job and cannot pay child support or spousal support anymore.

It may not be an easy process to modify a court order once the conditions have been set. But, at Daniel Albert Law Firm, we simplify the procedure for you. We have a team of expert lawyers who bring a wide variety of experiences to the table regarding the modification of court orders. They assist the client dutifully in meeting all the expectations of the court judges so that the ruling is in their favor.

Situations change over time, and when they do, you may need to alter certain aspects of your life to adjust—as such, modifying a court order is sometimes a necessary occurrence.

Typically, a judge only modifies an order due to a “substantial and material change in circumstance.” Unfortunately, there are no set definitions as to what makes a “substantial change;” however, some examples can be used to illustrate the situation:

  • Illness
  • Loss of income or job
  • Disability
  • Cohabitation with a new spouse
  • Relocation
  • Increased cost of living
  • Lifestyle changes

The determination of change in your life due to substantial and material damages depends on the type of agreement we are modifying.

When these changes occur, parents of children in child custody rights cases can negotiate a new visitation or custody agreement through mediation or court. It is important to note that the modification must be in the best interests of the child. If that modification could adversely affect the child’s life, courts may be hesitant to modify child custody or child support order.

A judge can modify a divorce decree if the divorce terms are unjustified or circumstances of one or more spouses have changed since the divorce. As court orders are legally binding, we cannot change them ourselves. An attorney needs to work with you to change the terms of your original divorce agreement. Once these modifications are approved, both parties can move forward with the terms mentioned in the post-divorce amendments.

It May Be Important to Modify.

Daniel Albert Law Firm works with 15+ years of experience and expertise to figure out the original terms of the court order and how it can be modified in the best interests of both parties if it is divorce or represent the best interests of a child in court before the judge. We relate to the change of circumstances and the inconvenience caused because of them, and this is why we do our best to fetch the clients an amicable solution. Please call us at 832-930-3059

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