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Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent Services

The state of Texas has so much to offer to help succeed both small and big businesses alike. Real estate, technology, automotive, transportation, and many other industries fuel tremendous growth. But for conducting business in Texas, you must comply with specific local, state, or federal regulations, one of which is to establish and maintain a Registered Agent. It ensures you aren’t jeopardizing your business reputation and are staying on top of your compliance obligations.

The Need for a Registered Agent

For conducting business within Texas, every incorporated company must designate a Registered Agent a.k.a. Resident Agent or Statutory Agent. A Registered Agent is the primary point of contact between you and another business entity. Their job is to keep track of any official notices such as tax documents, wage garnishment notices, dispute/ litigation paperwork, etc. They ensure developing a proper communication channel and notify you promptly of any legalities. Failing to appoint a registered agent gets your business out of the good standing of the state, resulting in loss of licenses, hefty fines, and/or penalties.

Ultimately, the advantages and purposes of a registered agent include the following:

  • Maintain anonymity of the business
  • Ensure receiving important documents in time
  • Offer valuable confidentiality protection
  • Expand with ease
  • Get some timeout even during regular business hours or days
  • Change address without filing it with the Secretary of State

Most business owners designate themselves as Registered Agents for their company. But, having a fully-staffed, responsible, and reputable law firm named the Registered Agent provides better attorney-client privileges to protect your business.

The Daniel Albert Law Firm team proudly serves as Registered Agents for companies from all sectors. Our accomplished attorneys stay with you every step of the way and dedicatedly help you build a profitable and viable business. We have helped thousands of clients with our sound and legal advice. And, we can help you too! We assume it as our responsibility to promptly notify you of any legal notices and documents, avoiding lawsuits or penalties. We also maintain a physical address in Texas as necessitated by the law.

The Cost of Registered Agent Services

The pricing of professional registered agent services can vary from state to state and company to company. Usually, the costs are calculated yearly, and you can save more with multi-year packages. Therefore, we maintain transparent pricing for all our services. Most of our clients find these valuable, as there is quick customer support, top-tier benefits, flexibility, and the ease of filing and handling legal notices. Contact our representatives to know the expenses accurately.

Skilled Business Lawyers Dedicated to Helping Your Company Grow

The attorneys at Daniel Albert Law Firm are committed to providing the stellar legal representation you require and the one-on-one attention you deserve. We take a strong, compassionate, and personalized approach in every case. Also, you will never be left feeling avoided or unanswered.

You can directly and confidently discuss your concerns with our business law attorneys. We tirelessly assist all businesses and understand how to get you the results you seek. Call us on 832-930-3059 to schedule a consultation with us today.

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