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Partnership Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Commencing a partnership is risky. Before setting up your brand for the market, it is crucial to strengthen its foundation.  Thus, a partnership agreement is necessary before you open the doors of your business for customers. A comprehensive partnership agreement will ensure your business succeeds. Operating without the contract is a risk that isn’t worth taking.

Defining Partnership Agreement

This internal business document specifies all partners’ business practices. It outlines the rules and regulations concerning partners’ duties, investments, liabilities, management, and profit/ losses. There isn’t any limit on the partners confining to the contract. Different types include general, limited, LLC, and limited liability contracts, establishing boundaries as well as expectations in the business.

In short, the agreement often answers the “what if…” questions. This ultimately helps smoothly run the business.

Why Have A Partnership Agreement?

There isn’t just one, but many benefits of having a partnership contract. It precisely specifies the different elements of business as well as the partners to keep the operations confusion-free. Every partner understands their responsibilities, and this helps reduce future disagreements. Since all goals, obligations, and prospects are clearly outlined, you can forestall negative tax implications, disputes, and noncompliance.

Contents of a Partnership Agreement

Knowing what to include in the contract is crucial. For your understanding, here are the things to list on the agreement:

  • Business name
  • Purpose of the business
  • Information about the partners
  • Goals of the partnership
  • Partnership duration
  • Capital contribution of each partner
  • Ownership interests
  • Partners’ roles and responsibilities
  • Salaries, working hours, sick leaves, and vacations
  • Accounting obligations
  • Profit and loss disbursement
  • Voting outlines
  • Guidelines of adding/ removing partners
  • Buyout options
  • Dissolution terms and conditions
  • Death/ disability instructions

Should You Hire An Attorney?

No matter how amicable the partnership is, seeking expert assistance wouldn’t hurt. You could suffer from a poorly formulated contract, or a complicated dispute might arise. An attorney can help you resolve legal issues relating to starting a business, contract breach, breach of fiduciary duties, misusing partnership assets, inappropriate partner conduct, disputes, and dissolving partnership.

A knowledgeable and competent attorney can help you protect your rights and safeguard the partnership, allowing you to give your best towards your duties. They ensure maintaining fairness in the contract. Numerous provisions surround a partnership contract, and an attorney can walk you through the specifics suitably.

Protect Your Business & Sanity with a Partnership Agreement

Contract attorneys at the Daniel Albert Law Firm can be your best bet. We can help you establish an effective and long-standing partnership agreement. We understand the diverse contractual requirements and challenges and ensure a smooth management experience for you. Our attorneys are well-versed in writing a professional, legally-appropriate contract. The terms aren’t just a few vague statements but clearly defined terms and conditions that would sense even years later.

Contact our attorneys to make sure that your agreement covers all elements of your partnership thoroughly. Call us on 832-930-3059 and book a consultation today.

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