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Citizenship & Naturalization

Citizenship & Naturalization

The pathway to U.S. citizenship for foreign nationals is through naturalization. Naturalization is a complicated procedure supervised by the USCIS. To be naturalized, you must follow a lengthy application process. Hiring a citizenship lawyer, in this case, can be helpful since they are well-versed with the immigration laws, can address your concerns, and handle the application professionally.

There are specific ways to become a U.S. citizen, the most apparent being citizenship obtainable By Birth in the U.S. territory. Next is through Acquisition, Naturalization, and finally through Derivation. For many non-citizens, the goal is to acquire citizenship through naturalization, a preferred process for an immigrant to secure their residency in the country.

But why become a U.S. citizen? Once you secure your citizenship, it offers protection from deportation, no travel restrictions (i.e., losing immigration status), access to federal grants, voting rights, and eligibility for government jobs. Essentially citizenship provides the peace of mind that a green card cannot.

First, it is imperative to determine whether you are eligible for citizenship or not. If you decide to work with a certified immigration lawyer, they will take over the hard work for you. They review and prepare the application form, submit supporting paperwork, and help you get your appointment. Once your appointment is scheduled, you attend the biometrics, appear for the interview at the USCIS office, and wait for approval. When your application is approved, you are called for Oath of Allegiance to finally become a naturalized citizen of The States.

Are You Looking For a Citizenship & Naturalization Attorney?

At Daniel Albert Law, we can help you navigate the pathway to U.S. citizenship with ease. Our qualified and competent immigration attorney, Daniel Albert, has 15+ years of legal expertise to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. He can offer you the needed guidance to avoid denials or delays and achieve your citizenship goals.

If you or a loved one is seeking U.S. citizenship through naturalization, call Daniel Albert Law at 832-930-3059 and discuss your case for a quick resolution.

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