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Buying and Selling Residential Property

Buying and Selling Residential Property

In essence, buying or selling real estate is a business transaction. For this reason, seeking expert advice is always a good idea to assist you with this life-changing decision. Primarily, sellers/ buyers consult a real estate agent, inspector, and appraiser. However, hiring an attorney for buying and selling residential property is also pivotal.

At Daniel Albert Law, we understand that buying and selling a property isn’t a simple process – it necessitates lengthy and complex procedures to secure your interest. Thus, a licensed real estate attorney may be legally authorized to represent your case and obtain a desirable result.

If you do end up requiring a lawyer for your real estate deal, we have got your back. Our Houston attorneys can help you navigate the various aspects of the process, from start to end.

When Do You Need An Attorney?

There are situations in the home buying and selling process that are complicated and mandate the assistance of a competent lawyer.

Preparing the purchase contract is where an attorney plays an important part. Attorneys can draft the contract terms from scratch, avoiding potential problems down the line. A few other aspects only an attorney can tackle include the timeline for closing on the property, inspection expenses, arranging a title search, and obtaining insurance.

Coming to closings, a dozen of paperwork can burden you when closing on the deal. Therefore, hiring a certified lawyer can help negotiate any terms and contract requirements without confusing or intimidating the parties involved.

Next, an attorney can help you with some other critical scenarios such as:

  • Special sales (like an auction or short sales)
  • Closing on property in another state
  • Assist you amidst a divorce settlement
  • Manage a sale/purchase of a property with significant issues/ liens

If at all you are facing a financial crisis, but you also have a reasonably simple, uncomplicated residential real estate deal, you can skip hiring an attorney. Furthermore, if you believe hiring an attorney can lead to costly and consuming conflicts, it is best to change your route. But, apply due diligence before closing to avoid future costly mistakes.

Contact the Daniel Albert Law Team for Sound Legal Solutions

By law, a Houston real estate attorney can provide you with the legal advice you need, not an agent. So, when buying or selling a house, an attorney can help you prepare for the investment in question. For professional and trustworthy advice, contact us at 832-930-3059 or book an appointment online and explore your legal options.

A Daniel Albert Law real estate attorney can help you with title searches, property descriptions, any liens against the home, contract review, negotiations, title transfers, and more. These aren’t tasks of an average person, and thus, our team can make sure all details are well taken care of before the closing.

Our real estate attorneys have 15+ years of experience in assisting clients like you. We will make sure the transaction takes place smoothly, promptly, and in a secure manner.

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