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Consular Processing

Consular Processing

There are numerous ways foreign nationals can legally enter The States. Consular processing is beneficial, however challenging to navigate. If you currently reside in another country but want to immigrate to the U.S., we can help you understand the specifics of consular processing and help you pursue the desired outcome.

Consular processing is how you can apply for an immigrant visa or green card in the U.S., handled by your local embassy or overseas consulate. Most applicants living outside the country, obtain their green card through family relationships, on employment basis, under special categories, or on certain humanitarian grounds. You remain in your home country, maintain your family life and work, and prepare for immigrating to the U.S. till the last step of the procedure (i.e., when the interview is authorized).

Determining your eligibility is a crucial step. Usually, the requirements are straightforward, but certain steps can be tricky, and mistakes can cost you your future.

Therefore, you must first identify whether or not you are eligible to obtain legal status in the U.S., i.e., a Green Card.

If you qualify, your sponsors, i.e., your family already living in America or the employer, would file a petition (along with the supporting documents and evidence) on your behalf with the USCIS.

If your petition is approved, it will be sent to the NVC (National Visa Center) until the immigrant visa number is available. The NVC then guides you on the necessary paperwork and processing fee, expediting your case and scheduling the in-person interview. If your circumstances change, say you turn 21, get married, or change address, you must notify the NVC as it impacts your eligibility.

You must get your passport, proof of relationship with the petitioner, police certificate, biometrics, medical examination, and civil documents at your interview appointment. If everything goes precisely, the embassy will place a stamp on your passport, allowing you to enter, live and work in America as a Green Card Holder.

Daniel Albert Law Immigration Attorneys Can Help

The U.S. immigration laws are pretty complicated, and thus, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced attorney before making any decisions yourself. At Daniel Albert Law, our attorneys have extensive experience preparing and filing your consular applications and helping you immigrate to the U.S. successfully. We can thoroughly walk you through all the facets of establishing your residency in the country. For further information, contact Daniel Albert Law at 832-930-3059. We are one of Houston’s most-trusted immigration attorneys with 15+ years of experience serving clients with their immigration needs. We can help you too!

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