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Title Search

Title Search

Title searches are a routine in the closing processes, where large dollar amounts are involved. These help you unearth property liens early on and get all your finances in order to protect yourself and your investment. Ultimately, the objective of a title search is to guarantee that the property has no defects.

Property buyers are entitled to use and own the property through a document that declares their ownership rights. This formal document refers to a Title and must be obtained before the issuance of Title Insurance.

To establish a clear title, i.e., to steer clear of any defects such as the other person’s rights, a thorough and unbiased Title Search is performed. It helps eliminate any future ownership encumbrances. Possessing a title means the property can freely change hands during a real estate transaction without compromising closings and resulting ownership.

A title search assures that the property in question is free and clear. It is one of the behind-the-scenes responsibilities conducted by competent and knowledgeable title companies or closing attorneys. A title search usually intends to clear the way for title insurance. However, there can be other reasons too to perform a title search.

A title researcher makes sure to discover any flaws in the deed, unpaid mortgages or taxes, any liens resulting from a pending fee, judgment liens, and more. The extent of investigation depends on the need for a search.

Furthermore, it determines if the seller is responsible enough for a transfer, identifies any previous debts following the property, ascertains a second search, and defines the parties joining the execution to communicate all rights to the buyer.

Regardless of the property type in question – residential or commercial, for sales, purchase, or refi – Daniel Albert Law has your back. We can provide affordable and trustworthy title services, accommodating your particular needs.

Once the title search completes, a commitment is issued in writing promising the policy if all criteria are met. The requirements include legal property description, current owner’s details, tax information, and any exceptions on the policy.

You cannot get title insurance without a title search. So, our attorneys check the title, certify the same to the insurer, and subsequently obtain the policy. Since so many things can go wrong, this is a worthy, one-time purchase to protect your ownership claims, even at a later stage.

Our Houston Title Search Attorneys Help You Every Step of the Way

When choosing a title attorney, look for someone experienced, knowledgeable, with a high success rate, and excellent reputation in the community. Partnering with Daniel Albert Law Firm promises you the peace of mind that we strive to accommodate the needs of all clients with utmost honesty, professionalism, and respect. We can offer one-on-one services to obtain the desired results in your real estate matters. Whatever your case calls, we utilize a personalized approach for absolute success.

Call us on 832-930-3059 to explore your legal options and request a title search right away. We have 15+ years of legal experience assisting clients like you – you will not be disappointed.

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