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Lien Release and Removal

Lien Release and Removal

Creditors in the country have multiple legal rights and thus can go to a great extent to recover their money from debtors. One of the powerful tools most creditors use is “lien,” a legal claim placed against a specific property allowing them to seize assets if the debtor fails to pay back their debts. When someone is faced with a lien, there are numerous legal options to navigate the way out. However, lien release and removal procedures are best left to a professional. A real estate attorney in Texas may be the best bet. Qualified attorneys have years of experience practicing in the specific field and understand how to get the lien released or removed timely, affordably, and without much trouble.

Also, there are various types of liens creditors can place on debtor’s assets. The attorney’s approach will revolve around the kind of lien in question. These types might vary from state to state. However, the following are some of the common ones to be aware of:

Consensual Lien: This type of lien is put on the property used to secure a mortgage. Both the creditor, as well as the debtor agree to it.

Statutory Lien: When a debtor defaults on a debt, a statutory or involuntary lien is put on their property after the creditor takes action.

Judgment Lien: This type of lien is put by a court on the debtor’s assets. Typically, a judgment lien results from a lawsuit with the creditor. Its ultimate purpose is to allow creditors to collect the money the borrowers owe to them.

Tax Lien: This is when one fails to pay taxes. The government places a tax lien on their investment to recover the debts.

Mechanic’s Lien: If someone has performed some work on the property and could not pay the contractor, a mechanic’s lien is placed on the property.

So whether you are a lienholder or the one subject to a lien, we can provide you with an expert attorney from our firm to represent you adequately and protect your rights. A qualified attorney makes sure that you are receiving a fair and reasonable resolution to your case. Our attorneys can negotiate with the lienor to release the lien, obtain a discharge bond, or file lawsuits to vacate the lien. Whatever may be suitable in your case, we can do that for you to get to safe ground.

You Can Count On Our Attorneys for Your Real Estate Liens

The laws regulating Texas liens are complex and cumbersome to navigate. Therefore, these are best left to a qualified real estate attorney who has experience handling liens. Having to figure out the stringent drafting and filing prerequisites of lien release and removal can be complicated and lengthy on your own. An attorney who understands these procedures and has a proven track record can expedite the process for you.

At Daniel Albert Law, our seasoned attorneys can take over your case affordably, diligently, and with as little trouble as possible to you. We routinely communicate with clients and keep them apprised of case-specific developments.

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