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In 2017, the FBI estimated that around 1.6 million people were arrested for drug crimes. Possession of drugs is a problematic offense, whether you are found in direct possession or carrying in a vehicle or other methods. Drug consumption has earned itself a notorious reputation in the United States. There is now a list of substances that falls under the banned category of substances regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The standard way to be charged with federal law is when a federal officer arrests you. The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) is the federal drug policy that controls the manufacture and distribution of controlled substances such as hallucinogens, narcotics, depressants, and stimulants.

We at Daniel Albert Law Firm find that in such situations, a trained drugs attorney helps. Our expert legal team makes sure the class of controlled substance you have been using and deploys knowledgeable lawyers to fight your case and try to remove your sentencing or alleviate your sentencing to the maximum possible extent. We understand that analysis and representation matter significantly in these matters, and a drug attorney can go a long way in winning a case.

Based on the potential to abuse, status in international treaties, and any medical benefits that we can derive from them, CSA classifies the drugs as per five schedules or classifications.

Schedule I are drugs that have no currently accepted use and a high potential for abuse. Schedule II classifies the dangerous drugs which have a high chance of establishing dependency, and the rate of abuse is high, meaning that these drugs are dangerous. The rest of the Schedules devolve from these initial ones.

Whether the charges are brought on the state or federal levels depends on who is prosecuting you. State and federal law enforcement usually teams up to challenge drug networks and then decide what kind of prosecution the defendant deserves based on the scale of the operation. But, we must keep in mind that penalties and case forfeiture damages are severe in federal court because of which federal authorities often “adopt” a state case.

State charges for first-time offenders are generally less severe and carry very light penalties than federal drug crimes. A federal drug charge can cause one to spend time in prison because the law dictates federal drug crimes convictions to be punished. Federal courts limit appeals if a defendant signs a plea agreement, and you cannot get parole in the federal system anymore. Federal drug charges mainly, thus, result in lengthy prison sentences.

Drug Prosecution Is No Joke

Daniel Albert Law employs drug attorneys at both the federal and the state levels. We examine all the evidence in the case and provide vigorous representation to see that the prosecution charges are either dispelled or reduced. We cannot guarantee that this is always the case, but our lawyers are firmly aligned with the tenet of relief for the innocent. Do not take a drug charge lying down. Please call us at 832-930-3059 to book a consultation.

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