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Your history follows you into the future. Your name and identity may get attached to a charge that was never realized or another person’s crime, even though you’ve never been convicted of the same crime. Mistakes can happen at any time in our lives. When your name is associated with criminal conduct, there can be a detrimental impact on your career, personal life, finances, and, most importantly, reputation. You have acted however you’ve wanted in the past, and you are responsible for the consequences. But, it’s also nobody else’s business. Is the notion that the past is pulling you back applicable to you?

The Daniel Albert Law Firm is committed to making sure that convicts who have served their jail time and amended themselves for their actions do not face disproportionate retribution at the hands of the state. We think that primarily, in case of minor misdemeanors and other crimes that leave traces in your past rendering your unemployable or unfit to drive or possess custody of a child, should be allowed to be expunged from the criminal records or at least permitted for non-disclosure. It is applicable especially in the event when the convict has made reparations for the crime.

When there is a petition by a criminal defendant, a court may give directions to law enforcement agencies to destroy any evidence and records associated with an arrest and prosecution. You can prevent information regarding jail records, police reports, prosecution records, and court files from being available for the public’s perusal. Except in a small set of circumstances, if you successfully expunge your records, you may be able to deny that your arrest occurred and an expunction order was passed in your name. If you have been a convicted felon or convicted in a misdemeanor, you can be eligible for an expunction of records.

If you find yourself ineligible for an expunction, you can think about the pursuit of an Order for Non-Disclosure. On placement in a deferred adjudication community supervision, if you have completed all your assignments, completed all the conditions, and received a satisfactory discharge and dismissal for the same, then you can be eligible. You cannot seal your history without external help, and an order of non-disclosure can be beneficial in finding employment and re-establishing your reputation when your crime threatens your prospects. It is best to look carefully at the procedures and motions you need to go through to file an Order for Non-Disclosure under these circumstances.

Our Intent Is Clear. We Are Here To Help.

Daniel Albert Law Firm is dedicated to protecting the future of those wrongfully convicted or who have paid their penalty and are ready to be reintegrated into society. We assist past criminals in precisely examining their criminal records and successfully appealing for the erasure of records or a motion of non-disclosure being passed to protect their future from their past. Please call us at 832-930-3059 to book a consultation today.

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