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Employment-Based Immigration Visa

Employment-Based Immigration Visa

Every year, the United States allows close to 140,000 people to immigrate based on their professional abilities and eventually become lawful permanent residents (achieve green cards). Based on the immigrant’s petition, their spouse and unmarried kid(s) may also apply for an immigrant visa and accompany them to the U.S.

If you, too, are looking for better job opportunities, the Employment-Based immigration visa may be suitable for you. However, you must have proper education, experience, and abilities to qualify under the five employment-based immigrant visa preference categories, listed as follows.

The EB-1 visa is available to people with extraordinary abilities, multinational executives (and managers), and outstanding researchers (or professors). Each category has specific requirements, and you must also be able to produce documentary evidence of your work.

Foreign nationals with a Bachelor’s degree and 5+ years of experience or a Master’s degree or above might be eligible under the EB-2 visa category. The application works similar to EB-1 visas, and you must satisfy the minimum criteria to qualify.

The EB-3 visa is intended for skilled, professional, and other workers who do not qualify for the EB-1 or EB-2 categories or wish to downgrade. However, it has less strict eligibility requirements and comes with a long backlog, much like the EB-2 visas.

The EB-4 visa is available to particular individuals based on their field of work. You may further apply for lawful permanent resident status under EB-4 if you are:

  • A religious worker
  • Religious minister
  • Special immigrant juvenile
  • Armed forces member
  • Working at a foreign consulate

The list includes even more categories, and working with an attorney who specializes in handling EB-4 immigration cases may be in your best interest.

EB-5 has gotten popular with immigrant investors in the last few years. The million dollars investment to start a commercial enterprise and hire 10 U.S. workers can get you a green card. Locating the business in a high unemployment area cuts the investment by half. Besides, you can also invest in a USCIS-approved regional center and navigate your way through permanent residency.

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