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Humanitarian Parole and TPS

Humanitarian Parole and TPS

While Asylum, U-Visa, and VAWA remain the touchstones of different forms of humanitarian relief, many other federal programs protect foreign nationals fleeing suffering and seeking safety in the United States. The government upholds the commitment of providing humanitarian immigration relief to those victimized, and attorneys at Daniel Albert Law Firm can represent those in need of such protections.

This form of parole can be petitioned under compelling situations while being outside the United States. The prospective parolee can apply for the benefit along with an attorney or a sponsoring relative. It is essential to understand that Humanitarian Parole doesn’t confer an immigration status but allows you to remain in The States until expiry. You can later apply for employment authorization and also seek to legalize your status.

Cases appropriate under Humanitarian Parole include medical treatment, organ donation, supporting a U.S. relative, funeral, settling the estate of a deceased, protection from war or natural calamity, legal proceedings, uniting family, or other urgent humanitarian situations.

The documentation for eligibility can be labor-intensive and complicated. But once your parole is granted, it stands valid for one year and can be authorized for up to 2 years, depending on your case. Also, keep in mind that reviewing is quite stringent, and most applications get rejected. Thus, partnering with an expert may be your best bet to secure your chances of approval.

TPS is a temporary benefit allowing foreign nationals to stay and work in America lawfully, provided the Secretary of Homeland Security considers your homeland unsafe for return. The reasons making you eligible under TPS include environmental disaster, ongoing armed dispute, and any other extraordinary conditions. The countries designated for TPS can be found here.

Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that a TPS does not lead to permanent residence status. But, as long as you maintain your TPS, you cannot be removed from the United States. However, if you ever wish to travel abroad temporarily and re-enter the American borders after your journey, you will have to obtain Advance Parole. For this reason, it will be helpful to hire the services of an immigration attorney since the laws are complex and one wrong move can result in the abandonment of your immigration benefits.

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