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FOIA Requests

FOIA Requests

If you are applying for new immigration status or are in the midst of removal proceedings, you might want to learn the information the government has on your file. Through the Freedom of Information Act, abbreviated to FOIA, you can request to access this crucial data.

At Daniel Albert Law Firm, we help clients determine the type of information to request, which grounds to apply, relevant agency containing the data, the necessary documents, and more. You can proceed with your request efficiently and accurately without facing any roadblocks in your immigration matters.

Upon arriving in the United States, an A-file is compiled containing all your immigration records along with the alien registration number. A formal FOIA request is filed to obtain the file and learn the federal government’s information of your immigration history.

FOIA or the Freedom of Information Act was enacted in 1966 by Congress, allowing the American public to access federal government data upon filing a valid request. In terms of immigration, a FOIA request helps you understand the scope of information the federal agencies have of you.

When applying for a visa, green card, naturalization, immigration waiver, cancellation of deportation, or DACA, knowing what your A-File has can make a significant difference. This data can sometimes be inaccurate or outdated, impacting your case. For this reason, a thorough review is helpful.

Submitting a request is easy, but you must be very careful. Most agencies have a chargeable online procedure with fee waivers available upon request. Depending on the agency you are requesting your file from, the processing time can vary.

Ideally, FOIA requests take months to complete, even longer for complicated or older (non-digitized) files. Not having the data before your deadline can impact the final decision. However, in case of urgency or exceptional circumstances, your request can be expedited, provided you demonstrate the need for quicker processing. Thus, you must mention your precise needs when filing the request and a motion outside the formal procedure if in removal proceedings.

After processing the request, you will receive the final response in a CD or via email in a password-protected file. An experienced attorney can help you seek the correct information appropriately under FOIA. So, do not hesitate to contact a professional to come up with the best legal strategy.

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With the help of a highly-qualified Daniel Albert Law Firm attorney, you can vastly increase your chances of receiving the response on time and in the first attempt. Besides, there can be times when you do not require FOIA altogether but another faster alternative. Therefore, we will determine the best course of action to achieve your immigration goals and walk you through the process with compassion and determination.

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