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Title Transfers

Title Transfers

You bagged a solid deal on your property, got through the inspection successfully, and are ready to hand over the keys to the buyer. All that is left right now is title transfer, a crucial step in every home sale process. However, despite its commonality, title intricacies account for substantial delays in the transaction. So, partnering with a professional helps you execute the process correctly and swiftly.

Whether you are the seller or the buyer, our vetted attorneys can help you with your real estate transaction. We can negotiate contract terms, prepare the paperwork, and protect your rights throughout the time.

Changing the title of ownership is a significant step when selling your home. Essentially, it refers to transferring the legal rights to own, use, and dispose of the property so that no future ownership discrepancies may arise amongst any involved parties. Mostly, it is the seller who provides the deed at the closing. But, they can also engage with the buyer’s attorney to prepare the document and protect everyone’s rights. Besides, there can be many types of deeds to transfer real estate. Thus, working with a qualified real estate attorney is the safest bet.

As mentioned before, title transfers work through a deed between the buyer and seller (or by operation of law in exceptional circumstances). To help you get started, you must first find a settlement agent, i.e., an escrow company or a closing attorney, and spearhead the title transfer process. It will be helpful if you partner with the one who specializes in your state procedures.

At Daniel Albert law, our closing attorneys prepare your transfer deed based on your information, such as the title you are transferring and people listed on the title. It allows us to create your property’s legal description adequately.

Next, and if necessary, you can order a preliminary report, ascertaining issues and solving them upfront. This is a proactive step to improve the property’s marketability. Once you accept an offer, we perform a comprehensive title search and help buyers obtain title insurance.

If there are any title issues, including unpaid taxes, liens, encroachment, or filing errors, you must clear those before the sale. After arranging the title insurance with your buyer, we file for the deed (document conveying title to new owner) with the appropriate county or municipality.

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If you own (or looking to own) property in Houston or around, are in the midst of the transfer process, and seek assistance on preparing for the same, we can help. The real estate attorneys at Daniel Albert Law are best suited for the job. We can advise you on the when and how of title transfers to reasonably achieve your investment goals.

Our Houston lawyers know the intricacies involved and capably analyze individual situations, helping you resolve your real estate matters.

Schedule a consultation today to secure a quick, affordable, and efficient title transfer process. We have 15+ years of legal experience assisting clients like you, and you can undoubtedly rely on us. Call us at 832-930-3059 for knowledgeable and trustworthy legal counsel.

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