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Landlord/Tenant Lease Negotiations

Landlord/Tenant Lease Negotiations

Residential and commercial landlord/tenant leases are inherently different concerning their format, terms, and conditions. So, when negotiating, you must act wisely since several complicated legalities can arise, leaving you wondering how to sail through these. It is a task best left to professionals. A qualified Daniel Albert Law Firm attorney can help identify pitfalls and determine the best protection available to you going forward.

A residential lease is pretty straightforward and uniform. If a property owner rents their space to multiple tenants, each one’s lease terms will be comparable. Landlords can indicate the rules of conduct, minimizing unnecessary wear and tear and mishappening. The terms can vary monthly or last up to a year and be negotiated when approaching a renewal. The landlords also have clear responsibilities to the tenants for timely addressing maintenance, emergency, or utility requests.

A commercial lease is far more intricate and tailored, keeping the landlord’s interests in mind. If property owners rent their space to multiple offices, each company contract will look different. The lease terms will last for several years together. They can also modify terms to receive a percentage of profits in addition to the monthly rent. Businesses and landlords might share development and maintenance responsibilities. Therefore, negotiating a commercial lease may be complex. Before signing, companies usually review the agreement and seek help from a qualified contract/ lease review attorney. A professional can help the business sign to terms that work in their best interests, rather than hindering their business reputation and growth.

Contract breaches are more common with residential and commercial leases. However, each of the cases may be handled differently. Neither attorneys nor the courts look at these with an equivalent bias. Usually, with residential lease disputes, the bias inclines slightly towards the tenant, with most legal expenses falling over to the landlord. But, when a commercial lease dispute is in question, the accountability falls on both parties since they share terms from an equal place.

Preventing disputes must be the go-to approach with landlord/tenant leases. One must always partner with a real estate attorney to anticipate potential scenarios and avoid costly future mistakes. The attorney can also work out a systematic method to handle revisions.

Accuracy is the key to drafting and negotiating a residential or commercial landlord/tenant lease. One must not continue with an old sample but customize the agreement to reflect the transaction’s new, agreed-upon terms. Having an attorney do the hard work will preserve your rights, avoid any liabilities, eliminate inappropriate changes, and negotiate the customary language giving clients the most flexibility.

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Attorney Daniel Albert has 15+ years of experience practicing law and helping thousands of clients achieve the desired results. He maintains a successful track record of representing tenants and landlords during their lease negotiations. The Daniel Albert Law Firm is based out of Houston but extends its legal services to all 50 states as well as overseas.

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