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Today, many people seek asylum in the U.S. against life-threatening conditions in their homeland, and the government keeps no cap on grants. Thus, the process might seem easy to navigate and known by all. Unfortunately, most asylees don’t understand their rights, the correct application process, and establishing their residency in the country. If you are one of those, we have your back.

You seek asylum when you escape from your homeland to enter The States and apply for protection, so you don’t have to return to the country of your origin. You are granted asylum if you are on U.S. soil or territory; soliciting protection from outside the country requires you to apply for Refugee status.

Asylum entitles you to live and work here, get a green card, and file for U.S. citizenship. If your application denies, appealing the same can be challenging. For this reason, you must hire an asylum lawyer from the very beginning.

The first condition for asylum eligibility is to demonstrate that you are a refugee unwilling to return to your native country. Here, financial hardships cannot be a reason for seeking asylum. Fear of persecution or already suffered persecution based on nationality, religion, or political opinion would influence your case.

Generally, you must file for asylum within a year of entry into the U.S. If you have been here for long, you are still eligible after substantiating that certain circumstances prevented you from applying.

The Affirmative Asylum process by USCIS allows you to file your case if you are in The States on a valid visa. When seeking asylum from another country without a valid U.S. visa, you can claim Defensive Asylum, i.e., at the port of entry.

After filing your case, you receive a confirmation, and later, your interview appointment. The Asylum Administration utilizes the “last in, first out” prioritization method to examine cases. Regardless of the process, you will have to testify before an immigration judge or asylum officer, supporting the application. They may also necessitate producing additional evidence such as reports from human rights organizations for the credibility of your testimony.

Once your interview concludes, you will be asked to come back and pick the officer’s decision on your case. If you are granted asylum, you gain your rights and obligations in the country as an asylee. If you are referred to an immigration court, you are granted another opportunity to prove your claim.

Are You Looking For An Asylum Attorney?

We understand how you feel, and we genuinely care about assisting you with your asylum needs. Our certified immigration lawyer, Daniel Albert, has 15+ years of experience providing legal guidance to those who need it the most. We can also be a reliable resource for asylum seekers in The States.

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