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Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Businesses invest in insurance to protect their assets, inventory, and people. But when the insurer fails to reimburse a valid claim or defend the policyholder against litigations, they’re engaging in bad faith. At Daniel Albert Law Firm, we represent businesses in insurance disputes and provide authoritative legal advice.

For years, we have represented clients in different types of insurance disputes. We understand that a delay or denial in insurance reimbursement can put you out of business, which is the last thing you will want. So, if you believe that your claim denial is wrongful or unreasonable, contact our business law attorneys for effective and fair representation.

Common Business Interruptions

Accidents, natural disasters, and/or financial hardships can lead to business interruptions. These threaten your livelihood and business sustainability in the long run. Theft, vandalism, electrical failures, supply chain disruptions, equipment breakdown, and fire, wind, storm, or water damage are some common instances that risk the establishment and require filing for interruption claims.

Mismanagement of Claims

Let’s be clear here; insurance companies run on a profit basis. They generally operate in their best interest. For this reason, manipulative practices, i.e., acting in bad faith, isn’t uncommon. Such deceptive tactics include refusing or delaying legal claims. Other bad faith tactics that complicate the processes include:

  • Undervaluing the claim
  • Unreasonably denying the claim
  • Providing false details about your coverage
  • No clarification against a denied claim

A denied insurance claim is the last thing you might want to deal with as a business owner after the repercussions of an interruption. If you consider your deserved reimbursement is wrongfully under rejection, you have the right to fight against your policy provider and take suitable legal action. A competent business law attorney can help you understand the laws and your rights and help contest the dispute.

Do You Need A Business Law Attorney?

A knowledgeable and practiced business law attorney specializing in insurance claims can be beneficial in many ways. Commercial insurance policies can be tricky, and it can be challenging to decipher the legal language without some expert assistance. An insurance claims attorney will have a solid understanding of the field to help you obtain fair compensation.

  • Attorneys conduct a comprehensive assessment of the damage
  • They thoroughly scrutinize your policy to understand your coverage
  • They can determine the benefits you may be eligible for
  • Attorneys also team up with other legal professionals to help you recoup the losses
  • They determine if the claim is acted upon in bad faith
  • Fight for your reimbursement and get you what is owed to you
  • Get to the extent of a trial if you do not obtain a fair settlement
  • Communicate clearly and thoroughly every step of the way

Daniel Albert Law Business Attorneys Can Help.

Attorney Daniel Albert takes a professional and compassionate approach to every case. He has a proven track record with different law practices, including business law, and he can help you bring a desirable result to your specific case. The Daniel Albert Law Firm is a single source, full-spectrum legal services provider. So, when it is about your particular insurance claims case, you can rely on our expertise. We can take over your case affordably, diligently, and with as little trouble as possible to you.

Call us on 832-930-3059 today and book a consultation.

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