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Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are specifically defined crimes of sexual acts or sexual behaviors that the court can prosecute. In cases where there is high severity and irreparable damage, federal courts can prosecute these sex crimes. These are known as federal sex crimes. Federal sex crimes are some of the worst offenses in the U.S., and the punishments meted out for them are extremely severe and often declared explicitly in federal laws.

We at Daniel Albert Law Firm realize the gravity of the situation where you have been accused of a sex crime, considering federal sex crime cases. At our law office, we dedicate a team of experienced lawyers and legal professionals. Criminal defense cases are our specialty. Our familiarity with various state laws that can come into play during sex crime cases comes from our expertise in defending cases at state and federal levels.

All cases of sex crimes are prosecuted, whether they be at the state level or the federal level—the levels of jurisdiction and which court starts the prosecution matters. In general, sex crimes are prosecuted at the state level based on the geographical location, unless the offense is severe enough to merit a federal criminal law charge and prosecution. If both state and federal laws have been broken, each court tries the convict as per their respective laws.

The United States Code, Title 18, defines a range of offenses as federal sex crimes. Most sex crimes involving children are prosecuted at the federal level, and the federal law punishes sex crimes involving children the most severely.

Sex crimes related to minors can have aspects like sexual assault and rape, exploitation of the child in a sexual manner, sexual abuse of a minor or ward, purchase or sale of children, and possession or distribution of child pornography.

There are additional sex crimes that can escalate to the federal level when aggravated, such as


  • Aggravated sexual abuse such as using force, fear, or threats of bodily injury, kidnapping, and death for coercion into sexual acts
  • The issue of human trafficking, which always gets prosecuted at the federal level, especially where the intent is forced labor or commercial sex acts
  • Sexual Abuse that results in death
  • Sexual crimes that are not limited to a particular U.S. state
  • Sexual Crimes that occur on federal land or territory
  • An offender with more than one offense

A mandatory minimum sentence needs passing for any convictions under federal sex crime laws along with potential other penalties such as fines. The more severe, premeditated, and sadistic the crime, the easier it is to prosecute the criminal. Once the offender has passed through the prison sentence, they must still enter a probation period or parole wherein they are not imprisoned but must abide by specific rules and meet with a court official. If an individual has multiple cases registered against them in the past, then the current prison sentence can be much longer than the minimum mandated sentence.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Daniel Albert Law Firm ensures the highest level of competency when it comes to sex crime cases. We do not judge the client, but we realize the severity of the allegation and how damaging it can be for the reputation and career of a person. We also understand the traumatic experience of the victims of such a case. We provide the effective pursuit of the case and the evidence and will ensure a trial that judges the guilty and frees the innocent.

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