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Advance Parole

Advance Parole

Advance Parole, abbreviated to AP, is an excellent opportunity for those wishing to briefly experience life outside America. Partnering with an attorney equips you with how AP works, how you can fund your trip, prepare for your travel, and lawfully return to the U.S. hassle-free.

Advance Parole Overview

Advance Parole refers to the official travel document issued by the USCIS allowing noncitizens (or those with pending green card applications) to depart from America and re-enter after temporary travel abroad. It means, individuals residing in America must apply for AP with the USCIS and only then travel abroad. AP doesn’t necessitate having a separate immigrant or non-immigrant visa for traveling. Also, it is different from a re-entry permit issued to permanent residents. However, H-1 and L-1 visa holders maintaining their status do not require Advance Parole.

What about the processing time? Assuming you filled the application accurately and completely and the USCIS receives it in time, the processing would take anywhere between 2 to 5 months. The document stands valid for up to a year, allows multiple trips, and can be renewed at least 120 days before expiry. However, keep in mind that you could also be denied entry even with Advanced Parole. For this reason, you must hire a skilled attorney to avoid hindering your chances.

Choosing to travel with AP is an important decision, and thus, considering its advantages and drawbacks is crucial. The benefits include reconnecting with family members and experiencing life outside America, all this without a separate visa. However, the risks primarily involve going through complicated customs circumstances and difficult interactions with the CBP officers, denying readmission.

Understanding and filing Advanced Parole can be a cumbersome process. However, ensuring the specifics can save you a lot of time and expenses. Working with a reliable and capable Advance Parole attorney will make sure the process sails through smoothly.

Some creative ways AP recipients fund their travel include employment, paid educational program, scholarship, crowdfunding, donation, community support, and any other resource at your disposal. Consult a legal service provider and accurately plan for your travel as well as return with Advance Parole.


Who Can Apply?

Noncitizens who wish to travel abroad for various reasons but fall within the below-mentioned categories can be eligible for AP:

  • An asylee or refugee status
  • A DACA recipient
  • Having a Temporary Protected Status
  • Pending asylum application
  • Pending temporary resident status application
  • Pending adjustment of status application
  • Having received the Family Unity Program benefits
  • Lost or returned the previously issued travel permit

Who isn’t eligible for Advance Parole? You do not stand qualified for AP if you:

  • Do not have a valid immigration status
  • Are a J-visa holder
  • Are a beneficiary of a private bill
  • Are facing removal proceedings
  • Possess a valid, previously issued re-entry travel document
  • Haven’t officially applied for asylum or adjusted status


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