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Trucking Accidents

Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents are catastrophic, injuring the victims severely or causing occupant deaths. Therefore, you must act fast and hire an expert truck accident attorney near you. You have laws to safeguard your rights concerning injuries sustained due to a collision with a commercial freight, also known as an 18 wheeler or “big rig.” Liability in these cases is based on the doctrine of negligence. Because the negligent party is a professional truck driver, multiple sources of law can apply. These include traffic laws and civil liability rules and regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

At Daniel Albert Law Firm, we have a strong reputation for handling trucking accident cases, and we understand all the legal and regulatory issues that can emerge from a collision. We act decisively and firmly to help you gain fair and deserved compensation for an accident. We assure you that we will handle your case with precision and diligence.

The average passenger car weighs around 4,000 lbs., and a semi-truck can weigh 80,000 lbs. or more. Taking other differences into account, such as ride height, stopping distance, and driver field of vision, it is easy to understand how a collision between the two can result in a severe concern. Moreover, commercial truck drivers are given financial incentives for traveling extensive distances as quickly as possible, which probably discounts the eventuality of a speed collision between a fast-moving truck and a passenger car on the road.

Accidents can occur when a driver fails to stop and rest at appropriate intervals or drives under the influence. Truck drivers put others at risk by taking extreme measures such as wide turns, merging too quickly, carrying an unsafe load, or driving fast.

Sometimes, the risk posed by a semi-truck is unrelated to any acts or omissions by the driver. There may be a variety of lapses induced by improper inspection or equipment failure on the truck.

To establish liability or recover compensation for a trucking accident, the plaintiff must identify every individual, business entity, or government official responsible. Accident victims without previous experience in personal injury litigation often assume that the driver is the proper defendant to sue in a trucking accident. It appears that the truck driver’s carelessness caused the accident. But, several other parties may also be held legally responsible. These might include the trucking company, the truck/parts manufacturer, mechanics and maintenance companies, etc.

Once all defendants are named, the plaintiff must establish a theory of liability. With the exception of strict liability defective product cases, the plaintiff’s approach would be based on negligence, a straightforward concept, requiring that a reasonable driver in the defendant’s position would have acted prudently.

Concerning the other defendants, however, more nuanced aspects of the negligence doctrine become relevant. In addition to proving liability, the plaintiff must show the extent of their damages through the assistance of expert witnesses. A physician and economist can take care of these charges on the medical and economic front.

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Daniel Albert Law Firm understands that accidents result from malfeasance, and they should be treated as such. There should be no victims of such an accident, especially among the innocent parties. If you have been involved in a trucking accident, please talk to our lawyers and discuss your case. Call us at 832-930-3059 to book a consultation

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