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Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Nothing is more detrimental to the success of your business than nonpayment of your services or products. We have seen so many businesses literally running after habitual late payers more than half of their time. If the situation seems similar to you, look to an experienced professional you can count on for advice and further assistance.

Mostly, businesses start with hiring a debt collection agency. If you are unsure how the client will pay, the agency can help. However, they cannot directly compel debtors and also charge on a percentage basis for their service. This comes with its fair share of challenges. However, if it is evident that the client has no intention of paying you back or you wish to take your case to court, it is best to hire a debt collection attorney.

Collecting Debts

Encountering clients who don’t pay back is unfortunate for running a business. Some clients even make it a habit of paying slowly or not paying at all. If you wish to get at it all by yourself, here’s what you must do.

Gather and review all records, including contract copy, invoices, and correspondence emails or messages. It helps you ensure everything is on the same page, correct a problem left unaddressed, and determine if the account can be resolved without a lawsuit. Besides, you will have all you need if at all a lawsuit is necessary.

You can start by sending a letter by certified, first-class mail demanding the payment. Be straightforward, attach copies of what is due, and state the outcome if they fail to make the payment. You can also discount the debt if you consider it right and for exclusive clients/ situations only. However, if the deadline ends without receiving a satisfactory response, follow on with what you stated in the letter upon debt nonpayment. If you have mentioned referring the account to an attorney, which ideally you must, do just that, or the client assumes you don’t mean what you say.

Stop communicating with the client after you refer the case to an attorney. Let your attorney do the needful because it is easier to talk to you and keep delaying the payment (as it had been previously) than to deal with an expert. Professionals remain less empathetic to whining, and that is how your debt collection lawyer will successfully win the case for you

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A debt collection attorney can work with you to develop practical legal strategies for recuperating debts from nonpaying customers. The process often involves filing the necessary paperwork and representing you in court if your situation demands.

At Daniel Albert Law Firm, we resort to a professional and compassionate approach to every case. If you seek legal advice and wish to navigate the way confidently, our skilled attorney, Daniel Albert, can help you bring a desirable result to your specific case. He takes pride in his representation and has a proven track record in practicing business law. Since our firm is a single source, full-spectrum service provider, you can rely on our expertise. We handle all case specifics diligently, affordably, and with as little trouble as possible to you. We will be happy to help you with your debt collection processes.

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