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Deportation & Removal Defense

Deportation & Removal Defense

Deportation, also called removal, can be an extremely frightening situation for any immigrant, and it requires immediate action as the stakes are high. If you have been placed in a deportation/removal proceeding, it implies that you will be before the immigration court for your removability case under the U.S. immigration laws. It seems that you don’t have a way out, but winning and losing depends on how tactfully you approach the situation.

The primary purpose of a removal proceeding is to determine if a particular immigrant is deportable/ inadmissible or not. The individual must admit or deny the removability allegations in the Notice to Appear (NTA) and subsequently apply for relief from removal from the U.S.

There are several different types of relief you can obtain in a deportation case, and each one has individual requirements. However, certain factors impact your case and make the appropriate relief available to you. These factors include your age, how and when you entered America, reasons for leaving your homeland, and when you were placed in deportation processes.

Deportation defense allows you to present your case ahead of an Immigration Judge, stay in the U.S., acquire Green Card, obtain a work permit, include your dependents, and eventually apply for citizenship as well.

At the Daniel Albert Law Firm, we understand your stress and anxiety when faced with deportation charges. For this reason, we do our best to put you and your loved ones at peace. Our skilled attorneys provide vigorous representation to clients in immigration cases. We ensure being with you at every step of the way.

Lawyer Daniel Albert at the Daniel Albert Law Firm PLLC extends his 15+ years of practice to clients in all 50 states and overseas. If you seek legal assistance with your deportation/removal proceedings, please schedule a free initial, confidential consultation today.

An immigration judge leads the proceedings, listens to arguments and issues:

  • Order of removal
  • Relief from removal
  • Termination order

The judge primarily uses three grounds to order deportation:

  • Criminal conviction
  • Entering America without permission
  • Working illegally in America

If you are threatened with deportation, working with an attorney will be beneficial. They can suitably and zealously advocate your legal interests.

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