Are You Filing for Divorce in Houston, TX?

Are You Filing for Divorce in Houston, TX?

Resolve disputes with help from a local family law attorney

Family issues can be overwhelming. When young children are involved, things get even more complicated. Daniel Albert Law Firm offers legal representation for clients in the Houston, Texas area. If you're going through a family law dispute, our local family law attorney will work to help you resolve matters outside of court.

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Family law covers a wide range of disputes

Our local family law attorney has experience with all types of family law cases. No matter what dispute you're dealing with, we're available to give you the legal assistance you need.

You should contact a local family law attorney if you're...

  • Filing for divorce.
  • Pursuing child support.
  • Fighting for child custody.
  • Seeking guardianship.
  • Dealing with child protective services.

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