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The Deadly Toll of Amazon's Trucking Boom – The Information

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Abdullah Baidas had just pulled over to help the victims of a minor traffic accident on a freeway north of Houston when the truck with the blue smiley-face logo on its side shattered his body.
The 23-year-old mechanic was standing on the shoulder of the freeway reporting the original fender bender to a 911 operator by phone. The call provides a grim audio record of the moment in April 2020 when the 30,000-pound tractor-trailer—which was hauling freight for Amazon—barreled into him. In a recording of the call obtained by The Information, Baidas’ conversation with the emergency dispatcher is interrupted at 1:33 a.m. by a scream and the sound of crunching metal.
“Hello? Hello?” asks the dispatcher, her voice shaking. “Oh, my goodness.”
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