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DEA.gov contains information on drugs, drug investigations, intelligence, forensics, diversion programs, drug prevention programs, and more.  Before making a FOIA request, please browse this website to see if the information you are seeking is already publicly available.  To view previously released records, please visit FOIA Additional Resources  and FOIA Library.
What Can You Request
A FOIA request can be made for any agency record.  You can also specify the format in which you wish to receive the records.  Please be advised, the FOIA does not require agencies to do research for requesters, analyze data, answer written questions, or create records in response to a request.
We have streamlined DEA’s FOIA request process to better serve our requester community.  To submit a FOIA request for access to agency records, please visit the FOIA Public Access Link (PAL).  You must register to create an online profile or log into your existing profile to submit a FOIA request.  If you prefer to send your request via regular mail, please use the FOIA/PA Request Letter and mail your request to the address listed below.  Please note, sending your request via PAL will ensure your request reaches our office immediately.  If you choose to send your request via United States Postal Service, this will result in slower receipt and processing time by our office. 
Requesting information about organizations, businesses, investigations, historical events, incidents, or groups
Please describe the records you seek in enough detail to enable DEA personnel to conduct a records search.
Provide any identifying data that will help us locate information, for example, the subject’s complete name, aliases, date and place of birth, social security number, former addresses or locations.
Requesting records on yourself or another living person
You must provide proof of identify via the DOJ 361-Certification of Identity Form.  Please visit the Privacy Act webpage for more information regarding submitting Privacy Act requests to DEA. 
Request Information about a Deceased Individual
If your request is for information concerning a deceased individual, you must provide proof of death.  Acceptable forms of proof of death include obituaries, death certificates, recognized sources that can be documented, date of birth is 100 years or greater, or Social Security Death Index page.
If you are unable to send your request via the FOIA Public Access Link (PAL), please mail your request to:  
Drug Enforcement Administration
Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Unit
Attn:  Intake Sub-Unit
8701 Morrissette Drive
Springfield, Virginia 22152
If you have any questions, you may contact the Requester Service Center at (571) 776-2300 or via e-mail at DEA.FOIA@dea.gov.


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