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Deadly Truck Accident Underscores Need for Driver Safety for All Drivers – Legal Reader

Arizona’s roads rank as the 15th worst in the nation due to unacceptable conditions and poor bridge decks. 
LAWeekly – On January 13, 2022, an Arizona woman died after a semi-truck collision on West 16th street. According to the Yuma Police Department, the woman was driving a Toyota FRS on West 16th Street. Upon turning left from 16th street on Gateway Drive, she collided with a Chevy Cruze in oncoming traffic.
The Toyota swerved into another lane and was unfortunately hit by a passing semi-truck. First responders arrived on the scene and pronounced the woman dead on the scene. The driver of the Chevy was taken to a local hospital with no major injuries.
Why truck accidents need to be handled differently 
Truck accidents typically cause more damage than car accidents. Oftentimes, trucks carry cargo that can fall during collisions, which may cause additional damage to people, property, and other vehicles. Truck drivers need to drive with more care than regular commercial vehicles because they hold their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others at stake.
Truck drivers who find themselves in accidents are also entitled to a legal defense.
What to do if you’re involved in a truck accident
Arizona is one of the worst states in the country for drivers. You must seek a top truck accident firm in Yuma to help you seek compensation in these trying times. If you or someone you know suffers from an accident in Yuma or its surrounding areas, Schneider and Onofry, PC suggests doing the following:
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According to reports, Arizona’s drivers rank as the sixth-worst in the United States. Additionally, Arizona’s roads rank as the 15th worst in the nation due to unacceptable conditions and poor bridge decks.
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