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West Palm Beach Woman Killed and Two Injured in Truck Crash – Legal Reader

Unfortunately, truck accidents cause worse damage than accidents with traditional automobiles.
According to West Palm Beach TV, three Southern Floridians have been adversely affected by a truck crash. A woman was killed and two men were injured.
The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office has disclosed that the truck involved in the crash was a 2006 Ford Pickup truck. When items fell, the vehicle stopped on the outside left lane of westbound Southern Boulevard and activated the hazard lights. Since the light was still on, two occupants of the 2006 truck exited the truck and began to retrieve the items that had fallen on the road.
The driver of the 2003 truck drove to the scene and failed to come to a full stop for the pedestrians, therefore crashing with the 2006 truck, which hit the pedestrians. A 60-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene, and two men were injured.
According to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, neither alcohol nor drugs have been a factor in the crash.
What if I am injured in a truck accident? 
Unfortunately, truck accidents cause worse damage than accidents with traditional automobiles. They also usually carry more weight and cargo. The damage of cargo can also cause additional damage to objects and people. Regardless of what damage you suffer, it is recommended to do the following:
South Florida truck accidents happen frequently. You are going to need to put your best foot forward in these cases and our South Florida Attorneys are here to protect you and your rights! 
Many South Florida-based drivers will need the services of a truck accident lawyer at some point in their lives. Because the South Florida area is home to some of the most reckless drivers in the United States, our office has handled many car and truck accidents. An individual may need the services of a skilled and experienced auto accident attorney to defend themselves against complicated Florida laws.
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