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Immigration reform needs to be a priority | News, Sports, Jobs – Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Mar 3, 2022
“They don’t move because they want to. They move because they have to.”
Dr. Arno Vosk recently spoke with staff from the Williamsport Sun-Gazette about his work as a physician examining refugees seeking legal status in the United States.
His stories are heart-wrenching, detailing the suffering of those persecuted around the world.
Jailings, torturings, assaults by gangs and cartels. Attempted beheadings.
Just as appalling as the details of what happens to refugees in their homelands was the word to which he returned, the word he says epitomizes how refugees can get a chance for better life, a chance to enjoy their God-given rights.
Vosk described the process of going before an immigration judge for a decision and the unjustified rates at which some of these judges reject applications for asylum.
Luck should not play a role in men and women having liberties our Declaration of Independence says are given by God.
We believe in tougher border security. We believe more physical barriers on our borders are part of the solution. We believe tougher enforcement against employers of illegal immigrants is part of the solution. We believe more staffing for our border patrol and wages and benefits that allow our border patrol to recruit the best candidates is an even bigger part of the solution.
But we also believe that our legal immigration processes are indefensibly broken. That arbitrary quotas and caps have no place in a just immigration system. That is should be simple and affordable for immigrants from poverty-stricken lands to pursue visas and asylum.
And while some politicians have argued these reforms can happen only if illegal immigration is addressed, we at the very least believe legal immigration needs reformed independently of better enforcement against illegal immigration.
And we are increasingly open to the argument that our legal immigration system needs reform before we can reasonably expect the world to respect laws that haven’t earned their respect.
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